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Incandescent REM by xxPseudOxx
Incandescent REM
Title: Incandescent REM

Description:  Incandescent REM a glow that causes rapid eye movement eg: :O :wow: #gaddaium etc etc :D

Notes: mann its been ages since i got a chance to make one of these... rusty as helll!!! sheeiit. perks to this one was, rather than troll dA for some stock purdy face (and there are many many)
i figured "wait, wait, wait! dont i know a pretty face or 2/3/4/5/6/1000 ?" so getting that shot going was fun #TrialAndTerror. had alot of fun trying to balance out the tones in this. its like a 4K canvas image so the vividness/light levels vary depending on on how much you zoom... i think it works though 😀

Timelapse Video  -- @ :iconswingplz:

resources  -- in any order    

male model - me :giggle: :rofl:

female model - ma buddeh

water ripples by :iconfoolishsunsets: @…

stone arch by :iconitsallstock: @…

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tree by :iconrifka1:  @…

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The Layover...

before i get started this is how a pro-bro-mofo would do it...enter Anthony Bordain's NewYork layover - click to watch that sheeeit

video anutshell it covers, some of the borough's, burgers booze and books worth checking out on your layover :D

but for mee?? well after i landed and it was straight to into brooklyn for some R&R after the 6odd hr flight/mad-dash across the continent #jetblue


no time to check ma brainn.... i picked up my checked bags as i landed... first order of kung-fu hustle was to get a gad damn cab at a reasonable price... mofo quoted me a lone-non-offical-cabbie-with-benigne-blue-tooth-ear...he kept going on and on about i wasnt going to get a good price from the cab line i was in...i thought yeah well on the risk factor i dont wana have to worry about undue stress from a kansas city shuffle...soo yeah turns out offical meterd cab was just 35bux..i gave him 40 cause tip/no-bullsheeit.

new york cab ride by night... a cluster fuck of traffic coming out of JFK.... totally soaked up the 'being an a cab newyork experience' aka face glued to the window looking @ all the number plates and lights....and no we didnt go in via Manhattan like you see in the moovies..or maybe we could have but err we took an evasive route/no-fuss....with out too much spoilers here's a cab around Brooklyn in the day time

when i checked in i asked how far a pizza place was, reception bro said its a 20min walk... so i figured, fuck it, lets see if this 30mins is free-pizza thang works..... it did come in around wasnt really too much of a challenge for them i guess.... soo i kicked on the rest of Narcos (soo good) and crashed out.... must have been closer to 3 am...with the time difference +/- jet lag... this was gona be intresting

morning came...and man... i think i woke up @ 12:00...or something... it was a great sleep... ready to take on the world.... i looked up my oldschool bro from high school.... korney cleeshays aside he is an audio/video engineer/producer for musicians/music-groups in brooklyn...sheeeiit... #selfemployednonhipster #impossibru #yuckie but yeah... was hella good to catch up with him for has been 10 years pretty much... gad daiummm...not much has changed he's still shorter than me ahahah. got a good heads up on AirB&B over there though, it can work as a great hustle for end-of-the-month-rent-asistance if you can play it/swing-it right.

basically here in the UK you've got some extra 'business tax bracket' kaka but over there sounds like you can just rent a place say..with 2 extra rooms...and the odd/even times of the year rent out the rest via airB&B to cover what ever it costs (extra) win +loads of space.

lunchies in some where brooklyn.....

we scored food at this local place...with the hipster irony being "this place has got to be hipster if it can play this music because its so old but you'd have to have some ironic smirk if you wanted it played cause this aint even radio bro " ahaha..also the soda's were like locally brewed...names i never did dun see but yeah was one of those awesome walk/talks where you cover like "gentrification..yeah a few years back it was sketchy..but now..its safer..its a good thing" sorta dillio..wich makes complete sense tbh....

i thought hanging in brooklyn for my layover would be fun to contrast what its like where i'm @ in LondonTown..which is pretty much the Brooklyn of Londontown...aka Easst Central #Zone2 the bigggest take aways straight up are:

dude the space over there... its laid out over a much grander/greater space/distance... feeels like here is aloot more crowded... i.e. probably not too much of a fair comparison considering the despite east london having a likely higher HPSK (Hipsters per square kilometre) the size of the hipster domain in Brooklyn is likley bigger...aka i could count the hipster subway stop off's here in Ltown on 1 hand.. but Brooklyn hollycrapp... the subway there kind of blew my mind..its cleaner (at least the parts i went out on/to/through) its on time... but what the hell..accessibility to have to enter south to go north and enter south to go east.. multiple entries that mean differnt things on your route kind of blew my say i preffer to just "enter station X" and know that where ever i wanted to go on the color of the line coresponding to the stop i could get there..rather in NY its all like "well you can get there from here but you have to enter on the North entrance.." so for tourist-gump like my self...

that was confusing/big-big-geography..

before i'd delve into murals and murals of histermania.... i figured something easy/see-as-much-as-convenitnly-possible route was the most fun to have for the afternoon.... #justkeepmoving....
soo took the metro to wallstreet... and from the boat to staten island...which i'm told theres jack diddly dooda there..sirsly...just one metro line...althrough i imagine if your you got the FOAD house/cars/comfort why leave? ahahaha but yeah...i grabed the free ferry... saw lady liberty (from front and back cause it went both ways yo)

...took mad photos of the skyline of wallstreet/brooklynbridge stuffs had lunch on statenisland..didnt by the tshirt but bought the salad ahaha annnd mad my way back where with the many many mannny tourists that did the same literraly... english wasnt the main language it was a ton of EU and histpanical linguistics that woke me up from kanzas for evermore ahaha.. one thing i'd heard/read about staten island..and i cant remember wher eit was..but ....there are alloot of dead bodies burried there...and i dont mean in cemetaries either...gad daiumm

weather wise..did i mention i was missing the californian' sunn..vest was waayyy past summer in NY...too cold.

next port of call after going on a free cool boat ride..was..too run around on those hop on hop off busses...but after a starbucks sponsored bathroom break on wallstreet (goota love em!)

i found that the nearest hop on tour was to begin in an hrs time..but with the unplanned delay of the current buss i got a free extra tour on the last leg (turned out to be 1hr cause of traffic) that covered wallstreet and would end right where i needed to be for the next tour, which was Time Square...suweet... 2 birds with 1 stone...lets doo itt

i took a ridiculous amount of i'll scatter them through out this post as contextually relevant as possibruu eg:

the NY night TIme Tour was 1.5hrs...or so...there was no traffic so it was pretty sweet smooth sailing through the lights...and as it happens it was a pretty clear night... i did almost get dicapitated on the first initial bus tour because...well before double decker busses got signed of as a good idea...traffic lights...were placed at the exact height of 6ft above the top deck of a double decker litterally... A) thank fuck i bought in surance..but wtf..i probably wouldnt have matterd if the worst came to the worst...and B) i saw the look of fear/death-approaching in the tour opperators much so that the stoped talking... and i was like "wats wrong" ...only realising howw close i came when standing up trying to take a photo of the view behind...fucking brutal... it was really one step farther back and my head would be floating on down the river lol..gad daiumm....sirsly need to have a proper warning system for that sheit..or atleast some kind of revamp-the-traffic-lights-saftey-rule...i can say that here in the UK... we Mind the Gap but dont have to Watch Our Heads gad daiumn...


heads aside..the trip was pretty mellow..dude rambeld on about structures/arcitecture...and history of this and that.. newyork @ night..the lights were fun!! got some seet shawts of that really was just cheezy trivia..basically... the elder newzealander and aussie couples ahead of me were getting hammerd on their own were total fun/cool/mellow to ad-lib with... they were able to point out Edison buildings/tesla stuff which was missed out on the tour..but what ever...the new-york-grinde/minute vibe of the older x-serviceman dude was pretty much like "i'm gona just ride this off till my retirement" he was all good...loved the acent..dude litterally was like a Larry David in look/persona and hat
for what its worth i thoroughly enjoyed his character exasperation :D :dance:

by 9pm all was said and done...i was city-skylined-out.... next challenge..get the fakk back home.. i tried to score some healthy munchies..but was left with over done late in the day pizza or... hey isnt that a KFC..maybe they have the Double Downer..because its insane?? but nooo "we dont do that here" wtf theee most asked for but least-served....why???? i didnt even get to try score a double Gulp

the ride home got me about half way.....i got out at atlantic avenue...but that sheit is huuugee... and really didnt feel like exploring #trialbyfire considering by this time jetlaggg was realy starting to weigh me was around 2am LA'oclock so yeah... tomorow is another day...scored a fairly decent cab back.. something like 7 bux... i gave him 10.. got out..hit the shower hit the sack.... woke up..packed all my sheiit... and got screwed on having to pay for an extra night becuase i didnt out right ask for them to hold my bags......becuase i didnt know that service even existed?? but if you ask its a courtisy for them to accept...but after i explained my siutation very clearly..they just shutupped and took ma monnayy...assholes!! ahahah

#yelp5thumbsdown :D

heading out on day 2 i stuck around brooklyn town... old school buddy @ lunch the day b4 recomended i check out Dumbo if im going to Williamsburg... soo i grabbed a cab, and got dropped off opposide wallstreet.. aka the other side of the river...where i got to wander and walk across many bridges that are nameless to me...exept there's this one bridge place i recall from like every police-detective film..

where they meet under the bridge in brooklin...i dont recall its name..butlitteraly the site is super picturesque/classic/postcard-film... but yeah... cool parks/promenad.... and Dumbo...waw..that is super gentrificlassique.... photoshoots going on in the streets (walked past 2) quirky resteraunt names and quaint cuit smart coffie shops...infact most of Dumbo was cuite to walk through...veryy east London Hackney/ConvertedWharehouse-stuffs... and like hackney wick..there's like zero ATM's around ahaha... amazing... scored some brunchie-salad by the water front as i wanderd past the docks... then dropped into a smirky  smart hip coffie shop playing ironic 80's in the 2015....... stop williamsburg... but @ my stop off at the coffie shop i got in touch with one of my awesome burrner buddies about my last day this side of the pond saying so long, fare well adue..ect ect.....annnnndddd she referd me to this

awesome heavyy metal Divebar called DUFFS...
the challenge was to meet up with one of their  buddies who lived in the area.... game time... meeting a friend of a friend on a whim of win.. i'm down!

besides post vacation HappyHr was callin'... i had to get on a water-taxi (yay another boat ride)

wrong city, wrong boat..but you get the picture :D and google maps my way i got off at the stopp after the williamsburg bridge.... 5 bucks got me a single ride times...and a nicer boat than the statan island big-rig...

it was another nice walk up the block behind the river side... when suddenly...mural-mania!!
i wishh i could have gone to this gig! pearljam is on the bucket list FTW!! #grunge
awesome..soo many awesome shots...posters/colors and a general multitude of illustrative entropy.....

mission was to get to Duffs meet up with burrner buddies-buddy have a few then double back to the hotel to grab my flight off back to the cold hard brutal citeh from whence i came would have been just over a month doin the wanderlust thanng...super stoked super pumped...ready to easy back into work (that never happend..i just had to get right back to work ahahah #brual) bbuutt... after a 20min leasurly walk...i rock up to duffs, ready to get my duff on...and ...its 4pm (but 5 oclock some where ahaha) annnnd its closed!!!! ahahaha waaattt... brutal!!!

had to ditch a meetup deeper into Brooklyn (wich was wayy off my accessible radar) so i defaulted to a cabride to say hi/bye to the old school bro (taught me some sic guitar skillz way back when)...we took a stroll through this park nearby ...yuss another cool awesome was one that they have free concerts @... loads of semi steep gentle grassy greens... and along through some fountains... good times catching up with what ever/who ever is going on strong from the old school song

made it back to my hotel for 7pm...had to literally have the cab wait whilst i threw my stuff in it and headed for the airport....right on time and out of the gate right on que...airport traffic wasnt too bad..not too buisy (leaving on weekdays is that kind of win)

thats all that it...thats all of it... over 12,000 miles and well over 12,000wrds..ahaha sheeit i wrote over" 15000 on Burning-man alone

My Trip To And Through Burning Man 2015 - Part 1Burning man “Carnival of Mirrors" Theme for 2015
teh trailer:
My Burning man 101 and/or Radical Self Ridculousness!: -- i cant stress it all times during your time there you will infact be exactly where you need to be regardless of the circumstance! here's a littel video made a while back by some burning man  called "oh the places you'll go" @
 #TotalyNailsIt #DrZuess #WrecklessResearch
Survival @ all Costs!!! #logistics
0. pack your Go bag!!:
mine was a light over the shoulder shapless hippie strap with a basic zip..but in this i could pack my ziplocked  tiolet roll+wetwipes (because porta potties dont always have them #BoomFestivalHack) hand sanetiser, extra cup for scoring freebie drinks/whateversgoing, sunglasses, sunscreen, torch annd ziplock-trashbag, gopro/DSLR ... DSLR maintenence was easy: NEVER EVER REMOVE YOUR LENSE outside of your tent its a sure fire way to dust and kill your sensor. so yeah i'd say a dozen items need to fit in your
  My Trip To And Through Burning Man 2015 - Part 2Whispers in the Wind and that Cinderella-thang
day 3.... waw... breakfast...fresh as a crazy!!
beer in the morning #mustConverttoSugar #itsBeerOclockatAllTimesatBM
camper stories in the morning are hella fun, and again mental notes for whats hot and whats not plots out a pseudo-adventure in the mind-map of 'what is all this crap' #wheretobegin??? do you start half way, or get to the begining of the end of your last thought and begin-againnnn, the schedual of know/where to go? 3 2 1 annnnd post breakfast i hear there's a marathon going on on the perhiphery of the playa...i.e. the most outter path/road...have a look here @

Unofficial Map of Black Rock City for Burning Man 2015

some one said its around 50km ....which i imagine is like 2 laps around? what ever the case iz gona git ma bike and gedder-dun!!! through the playa, to the outter out


reasons, resources, goals, dreams, means, what ever it takes #gedderdun

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Long stories can be short, like this one, so hows about this:
How about the only way your getting to  LA/Santamonica and  the rest of gaaalliforniaa is in a truck vecause your compandre lost their gad damn keys to their car and the only way to get the new pair at such short notice was to hop on down the freeway at frunt of a pick up tow truck..sheeitt ahaha

The road down:

ryann after 7 days in the desert of no-where-on-per-fucking-ticular (it was actually awesome but on paper its definatly a desert that hates you) how about a 3hr ride down fron SF with no AC open windows i  38C degree heat annnd best part is, you get to sit in the middle at the front of this 3 seater ahahaha to the left i got your total typical (down to the sweat and musk) greese moneky from AA/AAA? Arnt they all the same lol, tow you when your broken down and pick you up when your sheit breaks? Whahahah

he tuk us down there in his truk. We stoped for gas on the way out of SF and then we did dub gedder dun, straight on down the 101 (highway 101) for 3 straight hrs whivh felt like the equivalent of pre heating your face to 180c  annd turning on a blow dryer for your hair so we can simulate the fast moving air, yess allll thw windows were dun down on this honkie ahahah ot was totaly classic. Nun of us saod a good dad damn wurd, all heat wrebched and roasted gad damn toasted and thank fuck der wernt aint not traffic either...though the scenery was... well i wasnt what you see in the movies lemme tellyou that... essentiallygoing straight through the heart of gaaallifornia, we cur right through the valleys what vast valleys they were... they went on for ever... only slightly over cast by what was a mixture of smog and city haze crapp.. probably some forest fire crap was in there 2 for good OCD CO2 too...but hey for what its worth it looked like mighty find wine  country

around each rolling hill i was prospecting whete the hell i could disconnect from the grid, tune out, vpn annd survey the infinity with an amazon prime account and litterally no over head for gass/electric, maybe grow some wine in the sunshine for lulz....but no sooner did i drift out from oven baked haze did i start ot nottice oil dereks, loke on the show bro, i didnt know der wus oil in there abythang this state can grow... did i mention how vast the land scape is when you trip on down to the directionof  LA from SF as the crow flies down that damn highway 101...  

no shortage of space  the tarmac between the sleeves of the valleys seemed infinate...probably theee straighesee t non stop ride down and geographic span o can recall on 4 wheels...we left @ 11amish and got to out rondezvous neas r madona... did u just say madona? Lemme esplain...pictuer this:sleezy obsesed late 60s dinner turned placial plaza dedicated to some dudes pink, and exuberant taky tastless vintage as hell.. so bad but all 100% kept un alterd through time, as a dinner-capsul... in  sipose you could imagine thas t "the interior" was at one time...classy or even classic, but err lumped together like it was, i cant imagine it ever looked better than how bad it looked when we scored munchies there.  also the menu items were a cross between elviss bad diet and McBasic baked goodness from an era long byegone...this place was called <a wytiwyg="1" href="></a&g… Inn</a><br /><br /><a wytiwyg=" 1"="" src="…" width="50%">

i dunoo if it was the time of day, but it just had this spooky gloomy abandond-but-time-stands-still-in-here typo vibe.. and for that...i loved it... soo sleezy and over desigbed into infinate uglyness it was a ridiculois sweet sensory surreal nausia that held your gaze at every nook and cranny you gawked at.  ad speaking of fugly, the bathrooms...well its like this god forsaken dinner-mannsionette-cabin-of-goods was droped ontop of of a moubtainside, because when you went down, down, deep down intonthe brathrooms, they looked like they were carved right into the moubtainside cavity! Imagine a sheer rock for the piss wall which had a waterfall feature bleeding out of the raw rockface.. ahaha too wierdly expensive to fathom... aka how the hell did they get that thing down there if/at all!!

Behold the fattyboom boom meal of doom...

was half expecting amidget to come to the table with holding a phone saying God is On Hold visa vee this scene:

but after a 3hr truck ride straight down the line: dude dude dude it was a meal that fortified me for the layover in this sleepy solitudal stripmaul-sloth of a city-town that pretty much sounds like what its like to be/live/reside there.. the place was called  SLO..which stands for "San Luis Obispo" (sounds exotic i know), the delimiter welcome signes should have read "just take it eassy man"  

The slow of SLO: "hey if you never make it out of here, youll be quite confortable staying here any how...." thats the vibe i got from it. there were some racial issues in its recent history apparently so im gona go a jead and just put there here:

Rocking into that town the day of a town site gathering, i quickly become familiar with what a "mission town"

is really is like......and ive only ever heard what those can be like through jams like pearl jam plastic and fantastic, sim-city type-o-typical...reminded me of suburbia  but with one giant strip mall/plaza  stitiched through its center. job/Career scale seemed to scaleup to at teacher/realtor/pharmasist and tapperd back down to pizza delivery bro+ Elederly+Woman+behind+a+counter . It was cuite for the short stay, got to try my first bbq grilled artichoke...grabbed icecream, got to jam out (oh so badly at this artisan indie  open psyche-mic coffie joint)... you  ever get the feeling tjat super cosy and conveniently perfect places can be a little tooo perfect? I.e. a little too nice to nice:s sake...thats kinda the vibe i got from seeing alot of the same folk doing same old same old on a thursday night on an evening fall...gad zooks heaven knows what secrets be beholden to the neighbours and town folk... im reminded of this film i saw in my early teens called "disturbing behavior"

Spookelie eh? Ahahahaha call me a synic but that kinda flick when i was a young wart-hog still comes across as muuuch more gritty than the vanillah tri-light/twilight flicks of the last couple of years #justsayin'

oh well... i didnt stay long enough to let any more to let any more of the creepyess ...cause next stawp was Pizmo Beach!! Yeeeeehaaww

Pizmo...another town name ending with "oh"....kind of accidental name ending mojo as in...  this is a missin down by the coast.. so lets go with pizpateria, pizza, piazza? Lets just go with pizzmo..where people come and go or stay around long enough to grow old.

first time i ever heard of Pizmo was watching a bugbunny cartoon waaay back when i was a single didget midget

Breakfast at pizzmo consisted of my favorite retirement food, hawian food. Actually anything hawiann reminds me of a retirement holiday/vacation/place id like to check into and never leave mwhahaah

I studied Goegraphy in middle/secondary and seniornschool right till i left for uni, sooo yeah kinda cool to set foot onto the sort of real-deal errording lanscape where homes have been build and are slowly being reclaimed to sea. the view of the ocean mixed the smell the pelecan feacled+stenched air of receeding rock faces...kinda smells like what sour off vinegar would smell like..and doublethat up with a heavy humitidy to reall stale out that our summer dryness ahaah....but yeah, scene scape wise not sure what kind of stone it is on/in dem cliffs but  the view was nice enough that there was a gazeeboo where im told that people often got married where we walked along the crumbling cliffs. There was sparse and sprawling desert type vegitation, the plants that retain alot of water... cactai derivatives with thick rubbery leaves... like:

after a late breakfast/brunch we hit the road on to HELL-A aka EL-A  aka L.A.

LA: santa monica....

hit it!

pretty much teh song that pops into my head when i hear the name santa monica... hhuaha and it poped into my head again when we did dun do drive down the Santamoniva Blvd

gedder dun! pulled up into The Hotel California for a few nights...and duude... it was pretty sweeet...had this surf vibe, surf boards,

love the architecture of the hassienda i.e. spanish

this little dude!

the quasi hotel-mostly-motel from the front had were suites/villas round back but hella esspensive and didnt really make a differce to the cassual stroll that let you hit the beach in santamonica..sirsly you just head down the private walk way open the gate, cross the road and boom your there...biggest longest beach i ever did stroll onto...yellow pale sand, super fine dry and dusty..hella good to dig your feet into.

did i mention its the beach that baywatch was based off of?

that night it was a stroll around the famous santamonica pier because its a stones through from the hotel gallliforniaa maynn:

firstnight in SM.

lush tree laden path to the beach #morningshortcuts

biggest WTF moment in the hotel was 2 fold:

get in dump, bags..faakk its hot in here? oh look there's a fan on the cieling..lets try that..hmmm didnt so much cool the place down as it simply moved the air when it brushed over your body it created a cooling effect...kind of like blowing onto your own skin, but from all directions at once ahah..then i saw the wall... err ahh there thats a huge AC venting machine..hmm now where's the on switch...check check no on switch... "hello reception...where's the on switch for the AC machine...." reply: "umm sir there is no airconditioning in your room" me: "um okay...byeee" ahahahahh wtffff but hey, who says boxers and wet hair open windows and fan on full blast wouldnt suffice?  also be cause compaired to the baked trip down the pacific highway annnd because burning man..this would be simple... easy..straight forward..and you know..good plumbing and a decent bed + HD flat screen tv and quet locale meant i could have done aloot worse ahaha

speaking of TV's:  through out this whole month long trip i hadnt had time to gawk at the latest tv after i'd checked in, walked about, got some munchies...and got ready to crash out i turned on the tube...HD flat screen (nice) but holly hell the 'health ads' were hilarious....
here's one

and just for good measure, here's a full flavored ad that is so basic its mind numbing:

 the side effects are insane!!
ahahahaahaha its crazy that this sheit is allowed on TV over in gaalliiforrniaaaa

soo day 2 in santamonica...
i gets me into the reception to ask where abouts i can score a bus tour, but not before my vest garners the intrest of the hispanic reception bro whose around my age but with differnt design/stylee's for his.... so we did a show and tell...then got given a local map for the "what there is to see saw and do" in the imedite vacinity...again car's are not really my angle for this stay...hence the book-smack-bang-on-the-beach strategy.

its vest weather so i head down the strip towards the pier and i'meditly i'm usherd by a local bus tour company.... small buss, custom usual-unusal adventure, open top van converted into mini tour van (seats just 16).... and since i'm whiter than the hotest sun (some what) dude get familiar, and insists that he can get me a discount and that he's only been in Santamonica about this was the first incling of "every ones got a story to sell/tell on how they got to the city/vicinity of angels" all felt like a bit of a hustle but what ever... i told him i was in for an anthony bourdane type route any how and that thanks-but-not-right-now-i'm-still-lookin exit-out-of-this-conversation.

the homeless gad daium scoring lunch and schmoozing the strip reapplying sunscream every hr or so i'd gotten used to nonstop sunglasses and vest and sandles...its not so badd but sweet jesus soo manny homeless people just sleeping on by, beside the showers every half mile up and down the beach, which have free bathrooms too, annd that means free drinkable free water... allthey got to do is just not starve to death... doesnt sound like such a bad deal eh? they kind of become part of the furniture/landscape after a while.. i aint ever seen such a consistant concentration of destitute homeless.... apparently alot of it is by choice (as in SF) but here its by the beach so it seems a little more forgiving in that its just gad damn beautiful... i guess the tricky trouble comes into play when your trying to feed your self, and avoid trouble/cops/thug-life-bro

speaking of trouble when i did dun come down to take that bus tour holly hell... first off... dude tour manager was hustling this tour company out of a surf shop (yes i got a complimentary hat from the surf shop) annnd his name was Ryan...which was matter of weirdo moment when dudes like 'thats the same name as me, i'm ryan" ahahah...soooo i'm booked on the 12:30 slot... cause the 10:30 slot is i take to the nearest margarita joint which is next door with one of the usher bro's...we started buying rounds and talking about what there is to see on the trip annd what its like doing that all summer long...which in fact because it barley rains seems to be a year long tennure typo deal....annnd before long this other usher comes by on the shift change...turns out he got help up..why? because the moron decided to get into a fight with a homeless dude ahahah like who even wins those fights? i mean even if he gets up to walk away, so what the outcome is that he hurts somebody who has zeroo acess to health care or even a sustainable roof over their head led alone decent plumbing to pee out the blood from the fallout of the fight.... turns out the homeless dude handt eaten ina  while cause he resorted to biting the focer all over his back as it looked like they were rolling around on the floor  with eachother #ammatureUCF wtf

so this dude gets another round on the shift the time 12:30 rolls up we're delayed a further hour because the second driver they had with the van was buisy doing his own errand runs....which causes me to get a further discount for the first buss off the following morning...i wasnt complaining though, cause i got to hang with these crazay bros who offerd to drive me around the area to see some stuff "bourdane stylee"  and with 3 margaritas in me, we decide to all mission it off to get the  pseudo-bum-fight-foolio to a clinic to get a tetnus shot...armed with a   basic GPS via phone that has a Rn'B voice over...

in perspective that despite the GPS and it takes at least half an hour to get any where in Santamonica cause of the highway hilarity...even with GPS we ended up drving around passing through traffic stop after traffic stop not able to find a clinic ahahah...again i wasnt complaining its not every day you get to be a backseat driver/tourist to 2 maniacs trying to locate a  medical help center in a drop top jeep wrangler ahahahah
the ride featured some crazy music choices + onboard refreshments of some bozzy concoction that was like 2/3rds and 1/3 cocacola booyahh.  

behold, maniac on the front left left was worried about his half a dozen bite marks on his back sheeeiit...lost out to a mike-tyson fanboy #brutal.

so we stop for a pit-stop which i'm u got some xanni's??...well if i aint broke it will probably dilute this booze out any which i took it and just as soon as a patrol car comes around the corner......another moment of hesitation and that coulda/woulda/shoulda looked like a sketchy thanng to did dun do..but what ever... we hit the bathroom in some clothing store...which btw...did i mention about the gap in the bathroom stalls...systemically unfomfortable..firesafe to crawl under and out of incase your fecal matter sponatniously explodes/catches fire..but as for privacy? fuggedaboutit.

perks of the moronic trip to nowhere in particular up around and where abouts of santamonica i get to score a coffie  @ the <a wytiwyg="1" href=">… Lords Of DogTown coffe joint..that was coolio.. </a><br /><br />and for foodies we scored some of the reigionaly famous: <img wytiwyg=" 1"="" src="…" width="50%"> of which the ownersa are apparently are a relation to the dude who ran this side show bus tour group of bro-fo's.

suggestion on this ceasless missadventure was a question about live music..... cause gad daimmeet i wanted to hit the sunset stripp....but as that wasnt on the cards that evening (that happens later :D )...i asked about concerts going on that night... we did some googling... turns out that night lauren hill

remember this one?

she was gona be was playing at teh greek theatre
so i was like dudes..just drop me off there, i'll catch yall tomorow... but dude had to be back some where before long...sheit was getting more ghetto fabulous as the day turned to dusk with random dudes getting in the car and pickup/drop off...some schetky phone calls on the so-cal-social.... to which i'm like...i was like righhht after this gas station stop i'm a just stick to this schedual of getting my korney bus tour....and cashe in this bizzare ride along for the day. suffice to say that whole "no good story starts with a salad" beat out by a few buddie buddie margaritas ahahahah

so i wait for us to get off the highway/gass stop  i'm all like laters bro's i'ma take a walk and score a cab.i got out at one of those places where if you walk far enough one will swing by...but on my walk i spot a ridiculous oopertunity that seeme'd exactly what the dr orderd...a medium... nay...a futurist...nay.. a fortune teller! sirsly!! there was a shop/stop sign...

i imagine not to different or distantly removed from some of those wierdy UFO stop shops along the Roswell tourist sphere where ever that is down in New Mexico...

its not like i was droped off @
but yeah.. this place was quirky... twas a house/villa converted into some ones small business of...fortune tellling...and yet i can't recall seeing anything like that in santamonica/vennice/sunset strip fuckit ... i just need a cab... who better to ask than a fortune 2015...

i knocked on their door+rang the doorbell... and in the most polite conjecture asked if i could get my fortune read on where i could get a cab.... ahahahahahahahaahhah surreallly good idea after the random manic margartita afternoon i'd had... like really 110% radical self ridiculousness to the max. i offerd to pay for the fortune telling to boot as i didnt want to waist their time....they let me in and a lady told ma fotune... she also offerd to call me a cab too which was supper helpfull as my touristical accent and demenor was pretty much singing "i aint from around here and im' just trying to get home" ... soo before she gave her fortune i told her as much as i could about my trip so far + where i'm from/what i do....the best she could come up with was that a man and a woman would asisst me on my journey through out this trip ahahahaha ummm okay... good call bro..very close... so the cab turns up and she says this one is for free....i can pay for the next one next time :D good times & good vibes!  thats probably thee most ridiculous improvised plan to get a cab i've ever come up with/succeeded in seeing through. did i mention Uber is like pretty much theee standard cab service in Hell-A? amazing yet pretty useless if you dont have any mobile roaming...soo yeah... always fun to take the human-interaction approach where ever possible #surrivialStreetSkillz

that was me done for the night.

Star tour + Sunset Strip on dat drop top mini-van.....hit it:

mann that music 99'...
reminds me of the dream-cast's crazy-taxi game engine......exept i only ever played tonyhawk proskater on my buddies dream cast back in the dustbowel era....
sooo.... mini bus tour? would i Yelp it?

sure thang..worth the 70bux for the 5 hr trip if its your first.....perfect weather...easy going nav-man/van-driver-bro ...he was an austrian dude who worked in film production...and did this as a summer side gig when ever the season was ripe for it..which i imagine was year round...the tour bus was also half empty which was another win too :D sooo..plenty of space + suweet sweet cruising weather...kind of fun to hear alot of the cheesy chit chat about the 'hollywood scene' great insight into the homes...and comming up on the right is... and the left is.......lots of lame dead pan "let me know if you guys see tom cruise in his ferrari so i can run into him with this van so you guys can get a great photo" ahahahah did i mention the dude could do a great arnie impression? lol epic!

dude initialy crused passed vennice beach..which i'd seen from litteraly walking down there...passed the 101 volleyball courts..sirsly..if you love volleyball sanamonica beach/pier is thee place to be/go...futher down your walk to vennice golds gym did its thang..preffy perfect for an out door gym..... and again i'm taken back to 101 music videos, movies, tv shows and intro scene montages #californication

its worth saying @ this point  @ being 30.... should i have done this sooner...maybe but would i have been able to have as much fun as i did when i did eventualy come to it? probablynot.... logistically/financialy had everything ballence out to equate to a "hell yeah/say-yes-to-everything" holds barred..aka if i could, i would and i should ethos.... and for that i am humbled/thankful and encouraged to explore more when ever a second round trip happens/occures/reveales its self.

i did end up cutting the tour a little short, as i was meeting my buddy down @ the WHisky gogo...this would be our second meet up there as...initialy we went out on a previous night tour that went from dinner next to the Whisky being invited to a gig from a band playing that night... the initial line up was not one i'd heard of...and being a week day night..i doube any one "big" was summer/fall tour scheduals for  Deftones/chili's and all dem bands that rocked up and rocked out that bar/club backin the early 90's be some where strewen across europe...but hey i wasnt partial to being picky or choosy...just that a band bro saw me and my buddy check out the list line up after dinner and said we should come watch them play...soo err...why not???? on inivitaton? hells yeah.... we paid the cover (around 10bux i think) ....and we were in!!!

despite the many and few words phrases that could be used highlight the high's and lows of the turned out to be a rad night bro..

behold :  

through rock-mosis i some how got a shout out on stage cause the headlinging band turned out to feature the basist who invited me and my buddy in to the that was super humbling....also got to rub shoulders with a pseudo-chasing-amy "rent-a-groupie" yupp she was there to 'promote' the band and/or rock out near the stage...which was where i was yeahhh turns out she was a modle fore hire too... did i mentiond every one in this town had a side-hustle appart from their social schlep....let me re phrase this...if your out in  london town on a weekend..or week'll just meet people out having a good time..... alot of people in LA seem to be out on the social for a "who can i meet who i can pitch to" ahahaha sirsly... there was this bro outside a bar who was dressed in a i figured "omg what the fuck is this guy' gona find out" turns out he was a bar tender but running a start up "on the side" hahahahahah thats admirable bro..but as a web developer..sheeit i just hadd to make it my duty to burn down his air-headed concept of "what a good idea constitutes" with regards to web/app-startups.... of course i disclosed all this stuff in the most humble and hospitable way possible...because mofo and his 'team' risk going broke and ruining eachothers livlyhoods over for fucks sake allow me to be the gravity in this disrooted-miss-approriation-of-funds-venture-slapatalistic-sideshow.

but i digress.... way to go bro..get to a rock show and any one genuine is either working or at home resting from their days work..every one else is out there to be seen on the scene or a tourist (myself included)

this rewinds me back the the sunset stip mile that i hoped out of the tour-van via the hollywood walk of fame:
it was 1 mile apparently but that was thee longest one mile i ever did walk...liquor store, bank, food store, laundry mat gas station #dontforgettosidestepthehobos on repeat across each inter section...untill...i got to wander into on of the 3 crazy huge ass awesome guitar stores...i didnt stay long but sufice to say, you check  < a href="…">in your bag at the door and then go do your thang...  

wish i'd been able to stay longer..but my ride home was @ the end of that i i walked passed the Viper Room and up where MOXIES and Whisky GO GO is i hoped in my ride and we cruised outaa there...back to Korea Town....cause well paying rent for a place to stay is fun and all..buutt err what are friends for? *high5*

whilst all that was fun and then some..
need to ground this down to the encounter i had with
The Street Stranger By Vennice Beach:

so as i'm checking out the skate park which after seeing it anumber of tv shows movies, and camera pans between adverts/music videos and the like... i wander a litle farther down to the vennice where that duigar dude on rollerblades plays his thang (apparently he's got a wife and kids which he supports dem for real do his thang) as i'm walking past some of dem picknick tables that line the beach front (before the sand begins) annnd as if out of now where between the bum's this lady who i notice is bearfoot comes out of now where (like out of the bathrooms i'm guessing) bearfoot....she had tattoo'd eye brows...but an atheletic body/build...asks me for a smoke... as i've already got one instinctivly i oblige... as i'm trying to half figure out  between "hey this never happens whats the hustle here..." and "is this legit?"  as i let my spider sense tingle during this mid-minute-minge, whilst its percolating on "whats the angle here" i'm not about to not divulgue what i'm doing there/where im from (the accent is a give away/somewhat) it becomes apparent that.... this lady seems to be part of the  semi-homeless beach possy... but laying down 101 brutal truths with historical context we get to sitting and i realise her accent isnt local either its eastern european...

here story goes like this:

and she's 29 currnetly (more or less but yeah right on the money i'd say) she was a registerd nurse which got me thinking about the Opiate AirwaysM tale but maybe shes' somewhere inbetween after we coverd the following:

she was trafficed to the states via a bridal order scheme, she was just 17 at the time, and didnt know she had any rights in the states...her older 'husband' kept all her paper work so she couldnt escape..... but after a few years she got out....ran away.... became homeless...and got involved with social care programms... she started off on the east coast of the states...Newyork i recall...but there were a few places inbetweeen made her way to the west coast around a year ago... some where along the way she become a register'd nurse... got a nose job annnnd was bed ridden for around 7months afer a suicidal breakdown+psychiatric breakdown.... whilst the narrative is being divulged, my mind is half way between blown and amazed and trying to fact check on the fly, but the impossible profound tales got super real-fast... this dude with 4 fingers on one hand wearing all black (even a black bandan #beatssunscreen) on a black mountain bike  cross checks is she's ok whilst she's talking to me....which makes me cross check my where abouts..i realise i'm some what surrounded by passed out hobbo's sleeping on tables on either side of us...she can see i'm a little sketched out with the arrival of this huuge dude, but shes says "he's cool, i'm fine" and when he cycles off she asks him to get some cigretts... the slim super lite Vogue Mentholds i was holding wernt up to par annd the wind kept blowing them out occurs to me that the speed @ which both theese 2 are freakin' speakin' lights up my "flying high" sonar....but maybe its just mary jane shrinking them pupils..either way....her story continues to unfold.....she tells most people she's from russia and christian (shows me her tatto of a crusifix) but since i've been to the baltic states she tells me shes origional from Latvia...which is cool/intresting..and i supose the tone of the conversation went back to "real mode" as most people she meets/comes across havnt really been across the ocean let alone heard of that part of eastern europe, so that aditional factoid seem'd to make sense....but we trade stories of the poltiical lay of the land there (latvia as with lithiania and estonia have semi-majority populus concentrated that 'prefer' to identify  as russian) its strange/wierd, the soviet union collapsed around 25 years ago, so its all quite fresh regarding generations/families/brothers-sisters/relatives alive today who lived through that trading these stories  she's extremely bright and articulate/well fact checked despite the lonnnng tale of her origin story which sober/strung-out or just plain old sun-dried and jilted comes across as a harrowing tale regardless. i got a chance to slot in my tattoo story too #lithaniaFTW. so we trade instagrams, and i move on to score some foor and book mark this this tale for a feverd memory of a fearless stranger. she's content and hellbent on helping out the her homless community. i wished her luck and went ontowards my next destination for the day

getting to vennice art crawl aka burner decompression session saw me take a tone of back alleys along Rose Ave along, but after a hand full of direction crosschecks from sun-shade-bros and CVS clerks i find my way to and through kinny and abbot

dude who invested alot into venice #apparently though he resembels Sigmund Freud more than anything.. irony? i think appropriatly not :D

i'm partial to the whole manifest reality thang... and i can only count on the serendipedous events of the hour, days and weeks leading up to this...but honestly...


no less than 2 weeks ago days am i barking this up and down the whitest-whiteout/dust-storm up @ burning man.. than do i run into this dude:

yupp thats me and Matt Stone... one of the creators of southpark!!!! too awesome!! of course i skiped going loco-moto 20 minute convo on how prophesetical it was to run into him, cause well dude i spotted him in the wholefoods carpark (hello totaly like what the latest season is all about) ...maybe he was doing some research for the latest season..the churn out an episode on a weekly basis..from script to digital format...but err yeah who many varables to confirm that...maybe it was just a good day to go..... what ever the case i was just dumbfounded that i found this guy... like sisrsly... i'd heard that 'the stars' hide out in LA if they are ever in town.....soo what ever theres that..but despite this time line being semi haph-hazard.... recounting  the events and moments with in the last hour are as follows:

said laters and good luck to the barefoot-street-beach-stranger....grabbed one of those yummy fruit pots that are the size of a red beerpong cup.....filled with 101 kinds of choped ice cold fruit complete with a spicey mix of herbs/power thang on top that gives it some crisp tangy sharpy spice flavor...yummee....and so i find the wholefoods carpark where i'm meeting up with ma buddeh from K town in the carpark (wifi in dat carpark btw) and as i'm eatin my fruit pot perched on the side chillin in the shade..this homeless dude walks up to me with a sign, saying "will rap for food"...but introduces him self saying "i like your look man" (grunge old lady sunglasses ftw \m/ ) and before he gets started on his pitch (hustle and flow) i just say i dont got no money to give..but he can have the rest of my fruit which he was kind of amazed...he was heading to the dollar store next door (yeah its next door to whole foods) so he say's he'll be over around the once i'm done i head over to him and hand over the rest of ma fruit foods (i'm kind of getting good at this by now.... giving time/resources vs $$$) and as i' walking back to ma shade'o'shelter wifi spot...and as im doin that i see the side and back of some one who looked familiar... like the hair, the stature.....and before i could debate if i should stay or go talk to him..i was pretty much hop' and a skippin' over to Matt Stone to say Hi!!!!! dude was super chill though i was over exuberently exited to pick his brain and realising mid way its probably best to just not take up too much of his time... cause celebrity is a hassle?  i did manage to
say i love his work, and ask if he's working on any new material (an obious reflexive question i know) so to cut it all short i just asked if i could get a selfie with him and bid him good day!..... suweet!! totaly made my afternoon around vennice just before the art crawl got going :D

welll thats all folks.... it was a tone of fun and then some.... the stories between places or at places between made it worth what it was.... those moments were as unique and rare as the memories i'd  made during this mounth out and away from the rat race. #goodtimes #tryeverythingonce

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Endless Summer Leg 3: Galllliforniaa mayn! #SanFranEdition

Galllliforniaa....beachy sun and random fun and blur of things said did and just to do'em.

woahh its just like in the movies/magazines/music videos mayyn...ahhaah couldnt not stop my brain spweing that line out at every thang that rang a surreal bell in my brain/head/lead

Galliforniaa-Prelude: have i ever been and have i allwayys wanted to ged'er-dun? ..hells yeah mofo.... the music, the movies, the weather, the easy goingness.. if that aint thee watermark/poster for most popular/generic tone of and flavor of chillaxin' i dont even know what is. ...non stop tank top weather ftw!! #KorneyFun4Fun i had a super fun time trolling around there and got a chance to do the preverbial "all of the above" stuff. my experiance of 'how that all did dun play out' was what made it all the more memorable... the logistical liasons if you will :D

first off: getting to gaaallllllifornia... getting of the plane in SF and saying my hullo-good-byes to the best single serving friend i did dun ever get to take a 2hr flight with... Madame Lolla went on her merey way with her dual hiking poles and her dora the explorer packpacking grandma gear:

sooo off load ma gear from the conveyor belt and armed with a basic adress fo where i wuz gona git to/be stayin (yes if your detecting some pseudo ghetto accenting going on that because i had alot of banter practice with that thang with allt the road trippin' i was later do did dun do there..but i digress). so i yelled to the cabbie, "how to get there" (actually i tripple checked he knew the adress and checked the price and how long it would take ect ect ahaha cant be too carfefulll) but this wasnt before i borrowed a light for a quick smoke by some fatass who was sittin down outside at the airport... annnd i must have sounded like an aristocrastical douche with "excuse me sir do you know where the smoking seciton is" ahahahah he just looked at me sand said "every where"

ahaha i mean comming from le progressive Vancouver to SF, i was thinking there would be some sort of manidtyory designated tripple-fined-if-i-didnt-follow-the-rules aka

turns out there wasnt a designated smoke zone..... but i do recall getting my first look/hold of those payfones..and imediatly ma brain goes "woahh its just like in the movies" i was thinking of them die hard or matrix phone booth phones...

shiney and chrome/metal..basic but functional.

annnd first karma kudos goes too.. you, yes you the fattyboomboom whose fallen asleep out side the airport taxi rank and cant seem to recal whats up/whats-suposed-to-happen-next ahaahahah he did give me a lighter to keep, when i asked whats up he just said he'd fallen asleep there in the soo i went on my merry way...


the ride in the cab to my 2 day layover before i hit up ma furst burn, took me across the oakland bridge... which for some reason dont ask me why but i thought i'd get a chance to go across the golden gate bridge brah, you know cause i'm in sanfranscisco right? and thats how you get going across the bridge...ahaha but nooooo there are 3 bridges that connect to it dude ahaha so yeah i went across the oakland bridge..its this double decker bridge thang i could see the golden gate bridge in the distance but it wasnt the one we crossed #dangit!

soo the places i been and the faces i seen....when did i ever get ruind by a bad crash pad...a spread a place to stay, for a visit and a short while...well this was the stay that did dun do it or more to the point didnt do it #wtf #sirsly #brutal

we roll up and its all new to me so i see the outside and the hotel sign, and then there's this boarded up black zero entrance!! the taxi driver said "are you sure this is the place man, it looks like a squat" and ma brain drain goes crazay...traveld 1000's of miles to end up @ this chataux-de-faux? bruutalll hahaha there has got to be some sort of was broad day light and it had that old vicotrian/eduardian look/acritecture on the second floor but the actual entrance thang was i got out and said "hold up, leme check it out, i'm not sure either" so i buzzed a few unmarked buzzers with out thinking what to say, but just checking to see if theres a way to get in initialy

some fat dude cames out the front in a laundry outfit he looks like he hasnt taken off since last summer ahah wtf...he said they are under new management...what ever that means....soo i'm like wtf??? did i get charged.. did just fuck me on this the fuck is this even possible... and why was it indexed on their sheit... brutal!!! so i thought... ok take me to an internet cafe...then it dawned on me "there are no more internet cafe's now...." then wait no scratch that...take me to a starbux!! but take me some where central im'a just book a last minute score central in SF...not checking where i gota be in local to burner logistics i.e. coach/bus site and or somewhere intresting explore...the way i saw it it was all going to be new, there are no wrong answers here its all going to be awesome/crazy/cool/a ride. so we get to a starbucks by union square which i now know is riiight on the money!!! boom! right where i needed to be, theres a gad dam starbucks on nearly each and every block oposide that square ahaha crazay...but summer in the city suuper sticky iky...i could feel that when i got out of the cab with my bags in toe... more humid than i would have thought... #wellthatsafirstofmany

dumb luck and the inernet: i check into the starbucks and by check in i mean log in ahahaha unlike the UK u also need to buy a drank here to use their potty...well i Mean they really dont bother enforcing it here in the UK/London but its a policy none the less...and i think thats cool...#EveryoneDropThatRule...but there was no mercy in this here SF starbucks and every one i had did dun step into and i'll get on to the reason about this later...
but its because of "the homeless problem".....

ironically there was no bathroom+internetz all inclusive in the starbucks i rocked upat...for a potty i had to go down the street lugging all my sheit to the starbucks just across the way..... so i get there but am reminded that i need to buy something so i score what ever is on the menu...a late it is...make that an ice late gad daium its hot in here and out there...cant get away from it. next is on that mofo app.... i find a place 300bux for the 2 nights and its available....score! gimme gimme gimme i need a shower and to get ma barings annnd i need to sort out whats where and what.. Hotell Nikko...dat name remindes me off a deftones song ...whats it called?

Deftones - Knife Party at the Nikko?

ahahah siccc i cant confirm it but hells i'll take what ever familiarities i can find @ this point.

the location says its 0.9miles i'm thinking i aint hauling all ma sheeit with out any sense of direction, gona hail a cab like in sienfield

no obsticall is too small annnd i'm on my wayyy...

serendipity: ... i walk up the street to the nearest with all my baggage in tow asking the nearest hotel where i can score a cab to said hotels address..and who'd a thunk it..these bros are like "its across the roadd!! " ahahaha hokkay then...i'm there/here its right next to the first starbucks i got dropped off at ahahah #meanttobe ahahahahah wtff ridiculousness.. dat aint 0.9 miles ahaha there should be a "bro its just next door" distance calculator.

checkin @ the Nikko!...a glass of wine is complementary ahahahah winnning!! #bringit! i ask about storing my bike that i'm yet to pick up and they recomend i can just store it in my room...

pristine!!! the place was this japaneese theme/style/decour they had this gong and drumming crew that paraded through the lobby at like 3pm every day..not sure why..but that was surreal as hell and the hotel staff seem'd soo under wealmed by it that you can be gad damn sure it was an on going weekly/daily occurence.

soo omg omg omg omg i'm in galllifroniaaa lets see what SF is all aboot... i'll come back but still lemme see saw it :D

so what is san franscico?

well union square was defo buisy like oxford circus is 24/7/365 was glad to be there as my first starting point how ever unplanned that turned out to be on this 2 day inital lay over....

exploration by food and ammenities....

i needed to do washing, get some foood annnd know where the hell i can get some logistical extras for burning a tent!.... being loosly lazy and loony exited i figured hell thats what concierge is for..gimme that sheit! they are only too happy too oblige #imSuchaTourist ahaha they gave me my own map, of where the laundry service is and the name of a nice thai foodie joint annnd also the street where i can get ma sheit know what its you know what its called fucking WESTFIELD ahahaha wtff i i'd traveld 1000's of miles to escape that putrid magaplex of zombie consumers and their tribes of familia-familiars and fellow followers...omg... basicaly imagine unionsquare/oxford street under one roof/mega-mall...gad daium we have 2 of them here in london and one of them is a brisk walk through a park to get to and away from #walkhomefromwork ahah...but yeah totaly dumbstruck to find the same mall (same font and all) to be the ball-bearing of my layover in SF....

omgg...but hey atleast if found the all in one everything and anything Target super store...booyaahh
tents bike locks, bananas (oh yes they did) wet wipes, ziplocks, toilet paper annnd jeebus when i got there it was mobbed already...burners had looted the store!! who'd a thunk it...the bro @ the check out was initialy closed but saw me looking like a burner and opted to open up and ask me about my trip, if i'd been before.... his feedback was and not in any order: he'd been before, he wouldnt go again because he's got his own thing going on but he's glad he'd been there to experiance it...and he's alot older now so his summer retreats are more about relaxing than being too physicaly taxing, and hell right now he's working @ target in SF, i'm sure he's seen his fare share of crazy sheit in his day to day with out having to leave the imediate vacinity. also i got props for my tattoo, which was neither the first of last time i got that sheit, annd i could neither say that there was ever a dullmoment when ever i got stoped for my tattoo :D

burning man tid bits and thungummybops all dun #gedderdun

enjoyed seeing the trams, wandering at night seeeing the sounds/sigts by food, i knew i'd be back post burning man to see more of this indepth..but was cool just to walk along....

picking up my bike was a trip too! got a cab which was super cheap & dodged the 100$ fee of bike in toe cab ride for a local cabbie who was parked in a ford explorer outside some govt building on treasure island who charged just 20bux #epic win ... who as it turns out was a webdeveloper in training!! amazing we did a Q&Afirst off laughter at how i wouldnt be able to bike my bike back to the hotel cause the closest bridge (oakland birdge) isnt build so that people can walk or bike across it...which to me is/was there any kind of bridge like that any where you know that is build like that? wtf.. even tunnels have walk so yeah this bro was awesome on 'whats my day rate/how do i get work and is it the same as SF' to me from this bro is that its theee most expensive city to live in in the entire M'urica??? ...well coming from london that was refreshing..a good barometer on stuff and thangs (come what may). apparently its like 1200USD to get a flat to your self over there... with out Roomies/flatshares..which balences out to around 900GBP here which is thee AVERAGE rental rate here for a decent flat share ...behold

or full article @ The cost of renting a one-bedroom flat at every stop on the Underground

so yeah web development hiring there...dude wanted the 'gold standard' of 'what are the languages that will always be in demand' and i said its prety much relative to what you can do with well as dependant on web trends and as long as you can keep on learning you'll keep on an even keel to 'trends'...but also being as SF is theee epicenter for startup's and teh internetz in general, MS, FB Twitter Uber annd all dem other mofos got major HQ/bases there. form what i saw, i wouldnt have known it...all though post burn me and ma buddy met up with on of their friends who was allso at the same burn 2015, we scored some munchies late nite and compaired notes of burning man annnd on exit from the cafeteria i got exited through to the twiter HQ lobby ahahah it was the ground floor exit of this department store that was joined to the lobby of this buisness building also known as the "twitter lobby" entrance/exit... i said hey to the reception and being 10pm i headed towards the exit... that was my 15seconds of silicon valley fame


Arriving back in Sanfran Post Burn:

with all the burn washed out of my hair and skin, took leasure and pleasure in recording all the same that washed of my meat wagon: behold!! SHAME'd to SHAMLESS

soo much shame, all washed away!

i'd been left with that run down flu thang that happens when you've spent your self for far more than twice your worth. the fine-fine-talcompower dust left a sore in ma right nasal passage..from all the filtering/blowing and general sneezy reaction that occured every other day.... this sore took about 3 days to heal properly....annndd no sooner had i got there that i needed to download my entire bowels ahahah omggg... have you ever checked into a hotel/motel and destroyed the bathroom? i mean well my sheit just wouldnt flush!! it wouldnt fit down that gad damn pipe aahaahaha #brutal!! took 5 tries..before we also realised that "errr this toilet has the flushing power of poruing water down a drain..somethings up" ahahah it was basicaly a urinal shaped like a toilet preasure on the flush..just water filling the bowl ....this complaint got us to another room with a bathroom that was... a little better #doubleFlushftws..... annnnnd we were off to the flat next door....

first on the itinery of back, fresh, filterd and fanatic about being able to do all the things + normalizing aka "decompressing" from burning man is actually a reall thing.... what is it? well small talk and PMT most people find it a little over whelming...akak too much for their days goings on..but are more than happy to oblige IMHO once you get the ball rolling.... so yeah....

laundry and all the things...lets do em!!

what better place to find than a 24hr laundry mat that was actually a super hip bar and inet cafe with printing services called Brain Wash it was purrfect!!! great food and cool crowd...annnd cool music bro ...though it took a good while to find it we went around the block the lonng way around ...and turns out concierge at this hotel/motel was not much of an expert at anythang other than "this is how much your room is going to cost" ... totaly lame..but that just meant there was more for me and ma compadre to discover :D ...and me being me i was constantly seeking out galllifornians to console with directional queires

ahahahah yes wayy

eventually we walked pased these 2 dudes who liked like biker bros beefy bald annd looked kinda mean, but hey i'd just got back from burning man fuck book covers..these dudes were totaly awesome to ask directions from...annd through them we got the 101 to Brainwash..yeehawww...

next up day 1 after my first rest...which was only an odd 5 hrs considering the missed sleep that took me out of Black Rock City @ 6am +/- 4 shoddy hrs sleep and an 8hr aprehensive coach ride back to the 'civil society' i'd been adrenaly drunk depleeted and over exaspirated..but you know what? 5hrs sleep in a basic bed @ a basic hotel/model after a decent shower some decent food and general running water + goodish plumbing...that hit the spot for least for was gona be worth it... because the next morning @ 4:30 am we try catch the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge..yup yup..that mofo i'd first only ever seen watching full house (yes remember that mofo?)

*lol omg i was like 5 years old when i first saw dis show

and then many times after that in various movies, music videos and magazine publications/summer posterized pseudo surreal personifications of gaaalliiforrniaaa mayynn yeah...was good to see that mofo in all of its magesty (did he just say that? yup...i thank he did dun do it :O ) was amazing... really awesome round off to the amazing week i'd had at burning man and was a good way to touch base with the beauty that can be found if you do seek to find it ...aka

woop woop

der she blows!!

we caught the sun rise..... *insert poetic beatuy from interview with the vampire* "That morning I was not yet a vampire, and I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely, and yet I can't recall any sunrise before it. I watched the whole magnificence of the dawn for the last time as if it were the first. And then I said farewell to sunlight, and set out to become what I became."

it was beautiful.
next on the trip we did a couple of other super obious a hop on hop off bus tour...wich took us through Height Street...which we'd wanderd through on food a day before..which scored me a bad ass retro "rock'n roll" vest which i wore with more pride than lions crusing around in the serengetee ahahahah yeaahh \m/
seeing Height Street on foot was pretty is/was/remains the hip haughty-toughty neightbourhood of Sanfran that has matured from its be.... dare i say it "post gentrified??" what ever that means...but regardless its present, prior and past history is tattoo'd through out its main blvd...were talking beautiful mureals wich depict where Hendrix played and stayed when he was there once upon a well as Janice Joplin which is mureal'd to some hippie dippie swoon'd cherpy chippy....totaly hippie psychedelia/psychedelic vibes tones and general 'style' of street signs and building age... aka dem Painted Ladies aint no nuduty bros but an actual Noun and nickname for the Eduardian and Victorian homes that are painted in 3 or more colors.. checkem our brah:

walking down haight street...even the ben and jerrys cafe looks like it would have if it was around in dat famous eara the street is known for (B&J opend in 1978) and probably didnt make their way down to haight and ashbury till allot later..but what ever seeing that store stylle plus the swapshop/thrift stores gallore kind of really hit the tone for a first time flyer to that locale in gaaaallliforniaaa... hand on heart even some of the homeless hobro's had that like gerry garcia swag going on....also we walked around up the way/down the hill too to discover where charles manson's squat/house/communte was in its hey day..which is infact just a white washed super bright white dull/toneless/souless expensive house now.. allbeit did we find this?? whilst trying to make a porta poty stop..which insisted we had to buy something first inorder to use the potty... yup the hippie dream is dead and burried #shutupandtakemymoney. i only found out when i asked in passing, this is my first time here any place you guys recomend checking out..and dude was all like "well you know charles mansons house is opposite right?" iwas like guys must say that to eevry one who comes in here asking this ahah but he was like naaaa...and it seemed plauseable as it was between where hendrix/joplins local was soo hey probably was/fits the desription yall....... but i digressss

moving on to the rest of San Fran by the hop on hop off tour we did dun see/hear about a number of brutal realities like where back when the san fransisco earthquake hit in 1902/ish there is a large gap in the way the street is layed out...its this one wide super wide road that seperates the city from the ba is infact the result of a planed demolition strategy as a way of cutting off the spreading fires that resulted after the earth u can kind of see the water mark where teh old town/city starts/ends and where the new city begins... kinda intresting... our double decor tour guide was super passionate and full of life/energy on our 2hr odd trip around the bay area and across dat golden gate bridge...which was suposed to be gold...but err they left it @ red...because history and science and budget and government and all that jazz... was a fun ride acrosss that bridge heading over to where the summer of love park was/took place in 1968/9 ...the air drops like 10 degrees from the summer seething heat when you cross dat water *waves to alcatraz in this description* didnt go to altactraz..a whole day wasted? naaaa i'ma just stop off and hit up BubaGumpShrimp and ride a bike along the Golden Gate Bridge because time is funny..and thats something id out right planed to do.... 2hr bike rental and i came there and back in 1hr and 15mins ahah...circling round from the bay area on their ominous long walk/bike paths...that was cool. other notent notables..are these 3 types of trees that are not native to Sanfran/gallliforniaaa... an australian eucaliptus tree and 2 others i cant rememebr der names of..i think one is some sort of palm tree for sure......but yeah check her out:

alrighty with 4 daze dun down post burning man and 2 days pre burning man that gave me all of... bout a week in sanfran...not bad..kinda cool to get 2 perspectives of the joint... saw a good great deal to call enough enough though there's still 101 things to do der that i probably didnt scratch the surface of because u you know..time and money and those things in between's are kinda funny...but here's what i'ma say about the moral compass of what i did see/saw that did dun distrube me

notent-notables aka

1: With all the 'adulty' responsible desisionness kaka here's what i noticed.... gettin' around...sheeit do you even UBER brah? traffique is between korea town(where i stayed after santamonica/vennice) and all the other cool places to see i'm lookin' at you sun set strip, its like a short drive with out traffic, but there aint ever not any its jammed, rammed and packed toe clamed

and did i mention a place to park ? thats what i really took/take forgranted living in london town...its like #noRegrets here you can just get up, go and do (if for the 5 days of the year the sun comes out aha) and forget about gallifornia....omgg.. if the gass price, traffic, and general commute clusterfuckery intensity dont get to you (and sirsly lord help ya if you take a wrong turn and need to correct yo self) then you gonz getz screwed boned on parking becuase that like time costs money...its just another extra point of failure in the random spontinaity thang...and thank fuck i got to hang with a local compadre who knew the logtistical do's dont's of the road/get-around mojo else holly crap i'd have got less than half the gedder-dun's-dun on my fun-run-sun-to-do-list.

2. Poverty...we've all heard of it, seen it, news'd it, on sign posts, passive agressive or explcitly graffitied in/on
the world around us.. that helpless reminder about a public exists, we see it... but no one talkes about it.. kinda like how prisons 'exist' but more out of site than out of mind....but any how..yeah... on my initial layover in sanfran i got 3 unique episodes of impoverished encounters...or shall i say "that time the crazy homeless were actually crazy and homeless"..yeah lets go with that one...because here in the UK they aren't exactly always sober..but they  sure as hell are not roudy and provocative or litterally reaching out of their invisible prison bars like some sort of extras on the walking dead or island of Island of Dr Moreau ... gad daiummm

first time was on my initial night in the nikko..finished up ma day, got ma bearings, got ma plan tight for the next day annnd i'm out side having a celebratory retrospective smoke between teh starbux and the side lobby steps of le hotel..the side part where there arnt any doorman i yeah... so i'm admiring the night air, soaking in the night (yeah its like 9pm now..but ohh wee its a friday so maybe its just extra buisy #TGFI) ..and this bro comes up to me..well he doesnt come up to me so much as he apears out of no i'm standing facing the other side of the street with the hotel behind me... facing the other side and up on my right and this bro around my age (late 20s) asks if i have a light, and before i moved to reciprocate, the sound, the tone, came across like some one like me... but as soon as i turned to where the voice comming from a person mirroring my stature with his hands crossed behind his back like some back ward ceribral ballsy thing going on but his pupils are black holes of infinity...huge... and the sores on his mouth are moist and fresh and gad damit this dude looked like he'd been living rough for quite a while..what shocked me initialy other than his apperence was that

A) dude crept up from no where, and
B) he was hiding his harms behind his make it apear that he had no arms, but some how had an unlit cigarrete in his mouth....'like he'd basically tried to play the dual charity card of homeless annd with no arms...gad daium every ones got a hustle but this bro was already high as faak and still competant enough to pretend he didnt even have any arms...this of course was just an opener, as he asked my name and who i was dude deflected my quires of the he'd profiled me and as i atempted to do the same to him, this bro claimed 'he didnt rememebr his name, or where he's from' ...again weather an invite into more charity i dont know but dude had no shoes on and looked pretty brutalised by his adiction & derepid condition, which lead to his next insistance of "do you mind if i sleep with you over there?" like wtfff dude wanted to hustle the rent boy too...mann if i fell asleep this bro might ended up have robing me and brutalising what ever sympathy i had left for the guy... it was just aloot to take in after the 2mins we spent schmoozing...i was ofended, suprised and bewilderd at the raw destitution this dude was in...never encounterd anything like it. i guess there was something about the average white dude standing outside on the street smoking a cigarette in a vest that said "this dude is a tourist" maybe most people would see this sort of thing comming... and i was reminded by the cabbie bro that there is alloott of that stuff by union square...alott but outside of that..its nothing..not much....but still to be in the thick of it was a realisation that came all to soon as teh following night... i scored some fries from BK becuase all my errands were complete, all i needed to do was lay out my day clothes for burning man annd i'd be off/ready to grab the coach....

2nd impoverished encounter:
so as im' walking back... i'm moving as fast as i can on 2 legs..dont stop, avoid any one who looks even half homeless because whats more obious than a tourist moving slow..a tourist moving twice as fast as every one else #drawsattentiontohimself...but yeah im scalling it up this steep slop, passed the body shop, across from wallgreens and this old lady stragly looking creature, asks me for a quarter as she's pinballing from anny one to every one whose moving in the direction opposite to her...she could have been somewhere past 55 years old..all grey and skinny...and asking for a quarter "woahh man just like in the movies"...for some reason other than pure reflext i looked her in the eye and sincerly said i had no change to give sorry... and smiled at her and moved on....and as i did she stoped and screemed/shouted... by this time i'm about 4 meters passed, her she said "hey mister!! thank you!!" and i stoped and turned around and she said walking up to me "hey thank you mister, your the first person whose looked at me all day and spoken to me like i'm an actual human bieing, you have a nice day mister, you look soo cool, i hope you have a nice day" and with that i'm humbled...but ruind, crushed, wtf this dont happen in the movies, the sheeit is strannnger than fiction... sober enough to acknolwege sincerity and honestly lucid enough to speak her mind with out cramping that crazy cat lady style she was swinging... where do these people go when there's little to no healthcare system/saftey net to save/help them? church? YMCA? some of them really did seem like they would/should need psychatric care for the rest of their PTSD homelessly shellshocked beyond repair, left to wander/squander the gone and lost for ever...zombified, stupified ignored legal Lepros that had clothes and patch work skin that echo'd disregarded scrap of was horriffic..and it still is wtf... soo manny of them...

3rd impoverished encounter

this one dude was so gone when i did give him a quarter he insisted on giving me something back as a token of his gratitude ...dude had nothing to give but he was searching his deeep deep pockets before i said "its cool man dont even worry about it, i'm good, but thanks" these people are so linguistially lost in their casual conversational flow that doesnt revolve around wanting/needing/asking for something that they realy end up muttering lost forgotten memories of track zombies..nearly...totaly haunting. wont be forgetting that any time soon.....annnd its on my last loiter outside my hotel before burning man all showerd, all ready for the next day that the closing of 10pm on saterday night that the streets are filled with people...much like the evening before.....

annd another:
so when these 2 girls a little younger than me but from the same socio-enonomic least seem like it stop to say hi whilst i'm having my midnight smoke and minding my own business, they ask hows my evening going, they look like they have been at a club/going to one and are a little loaded...... which is something i'm allmost used to seeing here in Londown Town, there harmless regarding banter #justbecause but again i dont know if it was my hair or my shiney and chrome fingers but they stoped and asked me what i was doing to night, which i bellowed "i'm going to burning man" annd there like "Whats that???" to which i'm stupified and offended to which i had to insist on asking if they'd heard of woodstock? which they had heard of...but their response was "so is it like a rave where you take drugs and party?" and i'm like "err" way to kill the vibe man, thats the most unimaginative response i've heard, to which was followed up by a "hey do you wanna go some where and get an oral massage"....and gad damn my humbled humanity... part of me was gona react like "omg you two are prostitutes!!!!" but then i thought that would be offensive or derogatory at the least ahahah so err i was like trying to politley decline.... but all that came out was "no thanks" to which they insisted... and kept insisiting and at which point i'm filtering out the explatives that were sending my what in the actual fuck is happening right now vibe... which i'm only able to be cool and say "i dont to pay for sex, sorry" and to which they kept insisting which i went into full humanitarian conformation mode with the words of "come on, you guys are better than this" ahahah to which they totoaly broke their sales pitch to the response similiar to "ohh we've heard that before" aka "ohh he's one of them" aka no dice no deal, we're waisting our time...but not before one of them tried to grope me and to which i shrieked with comedic overzelous exitement like "wtf are these 2 going try force them selves on me?" #imsoNotAbleToDefendMySelf ahahahahahaha...again i'm offended at "how dare they asume i'd be into that sort of thing" and 101 other responses like WTF we need to fix you bro's wtf happend why are you trying to pick me up and also, i dont write for vice magazine but if i had the time i'd insist on shadowing you guys to get a first hand experiance of "is that industry as lucrative as it seems?" #willwriteforvicebecauseitwouldbeanadventure....annnd i'm sure they would have said yes cause i'm cool like that..but all the shock and awe of "wtf did this just happen/is this really happening" totaly blew my mind from chill to thrill/flight-mode ahah ...

soo yeah wat a trip that was...sweet jesus...annnnnd that concludes the main stuffs of sanfran..i'm sure i've missed some stuff and encounters with more strange/crazy curiosities and random signs in china town @ night..sheeit..but hey i think i've set the tone of how overwhelming it can be when you get right stuck into all the popular stuff there is to see/dun/doo there.... some timelapses of sunrise and the bridge bike ride would be awesome when i get the time..but gona have to work on that...annnd before that sheeit i got the rest of gallliforniaaa to write up #omgItsTakingForever #notimethesedaze

next up in a soon near you: Road Trip Down to Santamonica/Vennice/LA #yeehaww

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